Blog Post – 4/29/19

How “#FollowMe” Came To Be

Last August, Jon Nyquist and I decided we needed to keep finding opportunities to collaborate on creative projects that would help us work on our crafts and propel our creative endeavors into the spotlight. Our second short, WHAT IT WENDY had just been acquired by a major Science Fiction website and we didn’t want things to slow down.

While thinking about old projects I’d worked on, I found an old email with a short that my old writing partner and teammate Matt Fountaine wrote about two guys who had just gotten off a late-night work shift and decided to follow a random dude for fun. It was a funny short and I thought that the premise alone was worth considering. I was checking Instagram when I started thinking about how obsessed our culture is with Social Media. We follow tons of people on multiple platforms. We follow, like, update. Poke, see and know waaaay more about our friends, family and non-friends than we ought to. But the funny thing is, it’s all okay because it’s online… and everyone does it.

Then it hit me. If we did this in real life, we’d be called creepy. With that thought, the way to brink that short about following a random person was born. I wanted to build a story around the idea that if we really followed someone, took pictures, and knew everything about them, in real life, that we’d look a lot more sinister than we perceive it to be. Hopefully people get a kick out of seeing the mirror turned back on us in a fun but thoughtful way.


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